The Bottom Line

This weeks latest creation is a Bottom Casting!

Cast in stone with a satin white finish, the piece is designed to hang easily on the wall. Bottoms are a great part of the body to cast and you can make them as revealing, or as covered up as you like. We are able to cast in any position and with clothes, or without. However you choose to have a casting, they always make for a cheeky and fun sculpture.

So how do we make the Bum Cast?

For larger life casts, it’s much more comfortable for the model to lie down flat as we take the cast; It is easier this way to stay still and relax whilst being fully supported. For this we have our own massage plinth, usually found in Beauty Therapy salons, it offers complete support for many positions. This casting took only 35 minutes for the initial moulding stage.

What did our model think about the casting?

“The whole process was super comfy! I got to lay on a massage bed and I could have fallen asleep.

Although I was a little nervous at first, I was mostly covered up above and below my bum as I wore an apron and had a towel on my legs, so I hardly noticed.

It was a little bit cold to begin with but seemed to be over really quickly.”

Our casts can be finished in any colour and style, with or without clothes and we are more than happy to work with your unique ideas. The surface of casts can be altered to have a completely smooth finish instead of skin textures, and you can remove anything in the cast you may not be happy with.

Bottom Cast
Bottom Cast

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