That growing desire to escape the 9 to 5, that feeling of unhappiness, boredom and lack of fulfilment from your job. If these are things you recognise, you’re not alone. A staggering 60% of employees are dissatisfied in their current jobs.

But, there is always hope, if you are brave enough!

But how do you take the leap and move towards a more creative, fulfilling life? Watch the experiences shared by a recent student of The Edinburgh Casting Studio, as she reveals the motivation and inspiration that kept her going on her journey.

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Sometimes the most wonderful people are given the greatest challenges to face on their journey through life. It is these people who come to us for a casting, showing the most amazing strength of spirit despite their circumstances

Recently we received an urgent call for a casting which, had it happened any later, simply wouldn’t have been possible. Last week, we had the honour of making a torso casting for Julia*, a woman who is shortly losing both of her breasts to a double mastectomy.

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