We were devastated when Pete was diagnosed with incurable cancer


Ours was a whirlwind romance

This Winter we met a beautlful couple, who looked just as in love as they did on their Wedding day back in 1976. It was our great pleasure to create for them a special Couple’s Hand Casting, gifted by their Children. They have kindly shared with us their story, and how this Casting is so meaningful to them. Sculpted carefully, their cast hands will clasp flowers in the centre, designed, poignantly, for a small bunch of Forget-me-nots. 

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It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month- a time to raise awareness, but most importantly find out what you can do to detect early signs of Breast Cancer.

With 1 in 8 women likely to develop breast cancer at some point in their lifetime, many of you will know somebody who has lived with this illness. For some, a mastectomy is the only way to treat the cancer, and it is those women who visit us before their surgery to make a sculpture with particular importance and poignance.

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Sometimes the most wonderful people are given the greatest challenges to face on their journey through life. It is these people who come to us for a casting, showing the most amazing strength of spirit despite their circumstances

Recently we received an urgent call for a casting which, had it happened any later, simply wouldn’t have been possible. Last week, we had the honour of making a torso casting for Julia*, a woman who is shortly losing both of her breasts to a double mastectomy.

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