“He thought no one cared, he thought he was on his own”

Jamie, Amanda, and Luna aged 2, an adorable family of three.

Luna won’t remember her Dad when she’s older, but Jamie and Amanda are determined not to let that happen. Ever since Jamie received his Diagnosis, they’ve been spending every moment making memories together, ones that will last Luna her whole life.

There is no known cure for it. There is no research for it. There’s just hardly anything about it because it is so rare.

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“In the past two weeks, I’ve had to sit my two darling girls down and tell them I’m not going to get better”

After a recent casting session at the Studio, we had the pleasure of meeting a lovely family of four. It was only as they were leaving that we were incredibly saddened to learn that the mother, Lesley, was not well, and that in April she had been told she had only four months to live.

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