We love seeing your beautiful castings made with our Luxury Casting Kits Check out some of the wonderful pieces made by our customers this year!

Family Casting Kit Results

Review from Tanya E.

Best Birthday gift. We used the kit today, with our teenage boys and had a giggle doing it. So pleased with the result. A memento of a happy birthday and my gorgeous family. Thank you!


Message from Sean S.

If I was completely honest I did not have high hopes.
But as we peeled away the rubber, exposing the stone cast I was in complete shock. It was absolutely AMAZING.

The detail was unbelievable. Once we picked out all the rubber and smoothed out the very few air bubbles it was an absolute marvel!

I had to eat my words... Thank you so much.

Couple Casting Kit Results

Message from Lindsey & Dave.

I just thought I'd share my photo diary of my husband and I enjoying making our home casting kit in celebration of our 16th wedding anniversary.

We loved doing it together nearly as much as seeing the end results.😍

Message from Rachel G.

My mum purchased 2 of your kits. She gave 1 to [my husband's mum], who's husband is dying of acute myloid leukemia. We've spent the afternoon making the kit. They are both over the moon with it. I just wanted you to know how amazing it is that such a simple thing can mean so much. He will always be holding her hand now even when he's gone. The detail is amazing.

Hand and Paw Casting Kit Results

Message from Alison D.

Just want to say this is amazing, I ordered a paw and hand one a few weeks back. Kept putting it off to make as didn't want it to be rubbish. My dog took ill so we rushed to make the mould, and he died the next day from illness. We finally finished it off just as we got his ashes back. It is amazing and sits pride of place in my house where my boy will always be.

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