Hands make beautiful castings, and are all the more unique when they celebrate a special occasion. We can cast up to eight hands at once, be it for an individual, a couple or a family casting. Hands are one of the quickest and cleanest parts of the body to have cast, and can take you as little as 3-4 minutes (we do the messy work afterwards). We also cast the paws, see the beautiful Hand and Paw casting below.


Engagements, Weddings and Anniversaries

Capture the stunning detail of engagement and wedding rings with a couple’s hand cast. Two hands together in a beautiful embrace, cast in classic white stone. These couple hand castings make an unforgettable wedding or anniversary present, see our shop for available casting gifts.

Birthdays and Families

Little hands don’t stay small for long! There’s enough room for parents and children to get their hands cast together, so the whole family can be involved. Children are always imaginative, so if you have a bespoke family sculpture in mind, just let us know!

Occupational and Retirement

Hand castings tell a story, especially when holding an item with special significance to someone. An occupational cast is where the Body Casting reflects the occupation or hobby of the person having a casting made. Golf lovers might have their hand cast whilst holding a golf ball, whilst a writer could hold a pen. The possibilities are almost endless.