Just a Kiss
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This couple sit for a stunning one of a kind kiss casting. Beautiful!

Fighting For The Right To Live
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“In the past two weeks, I’ve had to sit my two darling girls down and tell them I’m not going to get better” After a recent … Read More

Family Pawtrait
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Who says family can’t have four legs and a waggy tail? This very well trained (not to mention adorable) puppy joins in the fun. Watch our … Read More

He Will Always Be Holding My Hand
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We were devastated when Pete was diagnosed with incurable cancer   Ours was a whirlwind romance This Winter we met a beautlful couple, who looked just … Read More

Sink Your Teeth into a Body Casting
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It’s halloween! Which means it’s time to sink your teeth into some spooky castings. We’ll be giving Guisers (Trick or Treaters when you’re not in Scotland) … Read More

Strength in the Face of Cancer
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It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month- a time to raise awareness, but most importantly find out what you can do to detect early signs of Breast … Read More

Life After Stroke: A Story of Enduring Love
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Five years ago… Martinus had a stroke We have faced the challenges of life together, always knowing that we could count on each other. Five years … Read More

Dog Paw Casting: Behind the Scenes

Summer is here, the days are at their longest and it’s the perfect time to go exploring the countryside with the family. To celebrate this beautiful … Read More

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