Baby Feet Casting: Framed & Fabulous

In a previous blog we showed you pictures of some lovely little castings we made from a tiny visitor to the studio. Well, those pictures were just the first stages of our creation. As part of the casting, we framed them in a beautiful wooden box frame with a white finish. Our client asked for pink inside the frame especially, so we got in touch with our local framer and they fixed up a lovely baby pink mount- which adds a splash of colour to the bright castings.

Framed Baby Feet Casting

A lovely extra touch was the name and age tag at the bottom of the frame. Apart from looking smart, it’s going to be a handy reminder in the future to go alongside the wee feet- after a while everyone’s memory gets a little fuzzy!

Framed feet at the Studio

Finally, on the back of the casting, we’ve added a The Edinburgh Casting Studio label. It lets you know where and when the casting was made, and it’s signed by one of the artists here at the studio. Each casting is a totally unique memory brought to life, created by hand with care and attention to every tiny detail.


If you are interested in a casting for you, or as a gift for a friend or family, you can get in touch here

Baby feet castings start at only £40 so we offer something to suit all budgets.

We love our work- each person brings a new story, with each casting. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Framed Baby feet cast in studio


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