Baby Casting: Tiny feet

This week we had our youngest visitor yet to The Casting Studio!

Baby Feet, Cast in Stone

These tiny feet casts belong to Eli, who at just 5 months old was very calm and happy throughout her casting.

Children grow up so quickly, having a cast made is a wonderful way to remember those tiny toes and fingers and means you have a sculpture to treasure forever.

Baby Foot Cast, Stone          Two Baby Feet, Cast

Baby Casting FAQ’s

Is the process safe for babies?

The materials we use are completely safe for young children and babies. The products required in the casting are often used by dentists when taking casts of teeth, and so they are suitable for even sensitive skin.

At what age are children suitable for life casting?

Babies can be cast from just 2 days old. Toddlers are usually the trickiest to cast, as they are old enough to fiddle and play, but still too young to understand that they need to stay still. For toddlers we would recommend doing a joint hand cast, where we can cast a hand hold of parent and child. Although slightly more expensive, this ensures a successful cast.

What if my child won’t stay still for a cast?

Babies love to wriggle their toes, and sometimes kick whilst a cast is being taken. You never can tell how your baby will be on the day, and if they’re going to be feeling fidgety or not. If it’s one of those days, will can make a second casting of the foot (for example) for free on the day, just to be sure that everything’s going to turn out beautifully. If it requires more attempts we would need to charge slightly more to cover the extra material costs.

How long does it take?

We recommend you allow an hour for the appointment, but the actual cast itself will only take 1-2 minutes. We mix up a casting material to a slightly warmer temperature, which makes it more comfortable for babies, and also sets much quicker.

What clothes are suitable for having a cast?

We supply an apron and a towel to keep you covered and clean during the process, but drips to happen! We make every effort to keep tidy, but as a precaution, please wear something you don’t mind getting messy. Also, try to ensure that tight clothes are not worn on the part of the body which is due to be cast. Tights and socks can leave imprints on the skin which will be identifiable in the finished cast.

What is the best time of day to take a cast of my baby/child?

The easiest time to take a cast is when the little one is relaxed, perhaps after feeding. We always try to ensure the environment is as comfortable as possible with soothing music and soft blankets. Favourite toys or comforters can also help distract children and keep them occupied whilst being cast.

Can I have more than one copy of the cast?

Grandparents and other family members may be keen to have their own copies of the casts, and in this case we can make multiples using additional techniques. This is more affordable the more you order.

How can I have my cast displayed?

We can supply you with the casts loose, or for a small fee we can mount or frame them to your needs.

When will the finished cast be ready for collection?

Casts can take from 1-2 weeks for simple small stone casts, and up for 4 weeks for extra copies, and framing requirements. Please let us know if you require the cast by a certain date.

Tip: Remember to book in advance of busy periods (including Christmas and Mothers Day).


We can cast children of all ages, including baby bumps. If you would like a casting- please book now to get in touch and ask about your casting session.

Hands holding cast baby foot

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